What a Day

Last week, we the people of Jerusalem got to celebrate Jerusalem Day. This day is mainly one thing – Traffic jams all over the city. Here is what my experience was like – I was trying to get our carpet to the carpet cleaners, since our cats decided to make it a bit yellowish..Thank you girls. Luckily we have our regular carpet cleaning company at ניקוישטיחיםבירושלים.co.il to thank, for doing a great job on this carpet after the massive urine attack from the cats. Continue reading →

A small reference to the great Vercingetorix

Well history has been with us for as long as we can remember, after all yesterday is history! But what of the history most have forgotten of the history maybe many don’t know?

Vercingetorix is one of that part of history that actually amazes me. He was strong and tactical, anyway compared to the people of his time. Maybe what made him this way was his shrewdness that could not be compared to any other, after all being able to bring people of different cultures together is quite very hard and it takes a man of a different kind to do that.
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From Nazi Hunter to Celebrity Teacher

The love of languages

Languages are a big part of my life. I think that the number of languages you know reflects a lot on the kind of person you. It says if are an aspiring and enthusiastic motivated person, or a person with little ambitions and little world views. I just said that, and I will not apologize.

Knowledge is free today, and there are no excuses for not acquiring it. If you would like to rant and send me an envelope full of anthrax to my email.

Until then, here are a few resources of language learning that can help you get on speed with language learning. If you are already a languages enthusiast then I hope that some of these resources can help you with your learning.

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Bonjour, world!


Welcome to my blog, Intransigeants – The voice of the real community. I am Antoine, and you can learn more about me in my About page right at the top of this page.

So what does Intransigeants mean and what is this community that I am talking about?

It is very simple. Intransigeants was the name of a newspaper in France a long time ago. It was a very political newspaper that has received much criticism when it has passed from the hands of the left wing parties in France to to the right wing. Having a few rare copies of this newpaper, I always took a liking to the name that this newspaper chose for itself. Intransigeants, people who don’t give a damn, who are free from the opinions of others and are unbiased, completely objective and do and say what they want.

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